„Panta rhei“
keep moving – movement is development

Christian-Ascan Jarck



Where we invest. We focus on extensive real estate investments in high quality, growing markets in developed countries. Our activities include the acquisition of land or existing properties, the planning and implementation of new projects, the revitalization of existing buildings including renting and the sale of completed projects to investors. In addition, the spectrum was expanded in retirement homes around 2018. Significant activities in Berlin included the development of loft apartments in Berlin-Mitte, the senior citizens' home in Hoppegarten-Brandenburg and the development of an existing commercial unit for the MVZ in Pankethal. Further retirement homes are currently being planned and developed in Brandenburg.



Responsible investing - part of our DNA. We invest in the success of our company and believe that people grow when they work towards a common and purposeful goal. We work cooperatively with our investors and focus on the long-term vision. As a co-investor in all of our projects we are able to provide appropriate attention and oversight to our portfolio.



BE SELECTIVE. We make very little investments each year, so each investment really matters. We therefore have to choose wisely. We look for high-quality, growing real estate projects. For us, sustainability is not a separate due diligence exercise , it is fundamental to the long-term success of a project and an integral part of our investment selection.



Valuable companies are not created overnight. They continuously look to the future and invest to make themselves better. It may involve a more disciplined focus on product management or investments to improve assets and resources. It can also include creative, innovative ideas. We will often support our projects by making big upfront investments because we are focused on long-term outcomes.



Many companies can be viable for a short time, but far fewer are long-term players that get bigger and better. Only a few real estate projects have the economic, social and ecological requirements to grow. These are the winners that we are looking for and that we want to have in our portfolio.



We prefer to share news with our partners - good or bad. This is part of our commitment to transparency and building long-term partnerships. We follow our own guidelines for responsible investing. We engage deeply with our investment teams, seek for structures with appropriate oversight, contribute to regulatory compliance and much more.